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What do you provide for bars?

We provide everything except the alcohol. If you choose a full bar, we provide sweet tea, lemonade, ice water, sodas and all of your mixers. We also provide ice, garnishments and cocktail napkins. Bartenders are provided for an additional fee. 

​Do you provide cake or desserts? 

​Yes we do! We use recipes that have been passed down form our grandmothers to make some of the most yummy desserts to be found. We partner with a local bakery to provide Wedding Cakes and more decorative desserts. Our service staff is trained and ready to cut and serve cake. 

What happens to leftover food?

​ The first thing we do is prepare a special to-go box for the bride and groom that can be sent with them that evening. Then, anything leftover will be packaged and placed in a venue fridge and our staff will make sure that the family and venue staff know where to find it. 

Do you cater receptions for same-sex marriages?

​ Believe it or not, we get asked this question on a regular basis. Our answer is "Absolutely!" We love to serve and celebrate couples from all walks of life!

Can't find your question here? Send us an email! We'd love to answer. 

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